Romero Week 2015


This March, soon to be beatified Archbishop Romero became the #1 topic of the Salvadoran press, TV and radio in his home country for the first time in 35 years. During Romero’s 3 years as Archbishop, El Salvador was a place where the poor were violently oppressed by the powerful. He was killed for standing with the poor.


Homilist Bishop Raul Vega of Mexico pointed out that the legacy of martyrs isn’t their deaths but rather their lives. Sister Nohemy Ortiz of the Pequeña Comunidad referred to Archbishop Romero as a faithful disciple of Jesus who brought us to God- present in the unfolding history of the times. Fr. José Togeira SJ of the Catholic University spoke of Romero as a model for humanity noting his outreach to a society in crisis, opting for the weak; a man marked by intellectual honesty, courage and an (unremitting) search for and testimony to the truth. Tojeira went on to say that while there are an abundance of saints, few have risen to universal embrace as examples for humanity. Romero is among these few.

In 2015 Archbishop Romero continues to challenge us: What does God call us to do in the unfolding events of today, to make God’s presence visible in the world? Are we willing to immerse in today’s challenges standing courageously and honestly with suffering peoples, opposing violence, recognizing the humanity of all?