One Woman's Story

Alicia had a good job working with a non-profit that provides empowerment training and education for mostly women and children in small communities. She is married and has a four year old daughter. For the last year, Alicia was working in a community where a gang was in charge. She knew they were watching her and was frightened.

Last month, some of the gang members were arrested and put in jail. The gang contacted her and said they wanted her to testify that the men in prison were good people or they would kill her. Alicia was so frightened that she took her daughter and found a coyote who helped her and a group of others get across the Rio Grande at night in inflatable boats. She was picked up by ICE in McAllen, Texas.

Alicia’s husband had left Salvador last year and is in a town on Long Island, NY with his brother. He was going to have her come through the proper channels once his immigration status was completed, but the trouble with the gangs was too much for her and she risked her life to get here.

Violence continues to drive immigration. With your help, SEW continues to provide programs, trainings and jobs for women to remain in the country they love and work with their community and government leadership to find alternative to the violence still too pervasive in El Salvador.