Las Delicias Bakery

The women of Las Delicias are proud of their baked goods and have diversified products to include pizza and sandwiches, which were requested by their customers. They are proud, as well, of the way they work cooperatively with one another. SEW loaned them $200 to purchase a cylinder machine to assist them in making the much enjoyed French bread. In a short time, they have repaid that loan. Isela told us, “CDMYPE, a government training organization, is helping us with our business plan, our organizational skills, our tracking of inventory and additional baking skills.” SEW staff continue to accompany this thriving business.

One of the women opens the bakery at 6 am and works till 5 pm. Others work 7 am to 5 pm. Las Delicias is open 7 days a week and the women earn $7 a day when they make pizza; $5 when they make sweet bread and $3 when it is just sales from the store.

These SEW women entrepreneurs dream of expanding their space, securing their water rights and having a café with tables and chairs for their customers to enjoy. Their vision for the business includes owning their building, since renting leaves them vulnerable to the owner’s needs. Also, for the first time two of the women in the business have been subject to extortion when at their homes. Another reminder of the violence in the country and the vulnerability of women who work.

It is wondrous to see women so empowered and creative!