Tacachico Hen Farm

Guadalupen Hen Farm. Maria Julia began a Women's Association near the municipality of Tacachico. Through that, GUADALUPEN Hen Farm began, expanded two years later and then became legally incorporated. The women work in teams and rotate days collecting, cleaning, sorting by size, and packing 2,500 eggs daily from 5:30 am - 4 pm. The manager, Deysi, received a college scholarship to study accounting from SEW's business partner, the CIS. Several women have finished high school the same way.

How has the business made a difference for the women? Here's what they say:

Blanca: "The trainings we received have helped me value myself. I used to be timid, now I speak up. Economically, I have been able to buy a bed for each one in my family."

Lucia: "It's satisfying that my daughter also works in this business and I thank the institutions who have helped with this project."

Martha: "Being a single mother, having a job has helped lots."

Maria: "I have been able to develop as a person, value myself as a woman and I now know that my opinion and participation is important."