Cocobano Hen Farm

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Fresh eggs mean better nutrition. Families are eager for healthier choices and restaurants have learned customers appreciate quality. Cocobano Poultry Farm provides just that.

A mill was needed to prepare the hen feed. SEW women knew it would save countless hours for other women who usually grind their cornmeal by hand.

In 2006, five women were raising chickens at their homes. They wanted to have more eggs to sell and asked for an incubator that SEW funded.

Then the women saw there was a larger market in the region. The community and the town council were supportive of women’s initiatives—a big plus—and encouraged the women to have their own micro-enterprise. SEW funded a hen house with 500 chickens. Two years later, a second hen house was built and another 500 chickens were purchased. Besides income for the women, their work provides better nutrition for their families, community and fresh eggs to their markets.

As the coordinators of the business saw the need to know math and learn how to keep books accurately, Nora Patricia Nolasco and Zulma Nolasco returned to school, finished basic education, and then with a scholarship from SEW’s business partner, the CIS, graduated high school.

Empowerment of women is at the heart of SEW’s mission.