All Saints Day

The beginning of November is a contemplative time. The weather is cooling, the hustle and bustle of summer is over, the end of year craziness hasn't quite picked up. 

This week, many people recognize All Saints Day and All Souls Day, a time to think about those people who have impacted us and the world and to be thankful for the saints who walk and have walked among us.

El Salvador has many saints - recognized or not. The Four Churchwomen who were martyred in December 1980, Archbishop Oscar Romero, Rutilio Grande and many, many more.

The many women we work with, Leslie Schuld and her leadership at the CIS (SEW's business partner), our promoters - Iris, Delmy and Maira - and, of course, all of the businesswomen who are courageously working for their families and communities. All of these women do the work of saints.

I am thankful everyday to have met Sister Anne Marie and Sister Marie to know there are so many people tirelessly working to make our broken world whole. Every time I think about SEW and all of the amazing women involved, I am humbled by the commitment, love and relentless perseverence they all bring to every day.

I haven't met all of the people I've named here and some I never will be able to meet, but they are some of my biggest heroes and are definitely saints in my eyes.